# Migrate from vREST Cloud

If you are a vREST Cloud user then you can simply import the test cases written in the cloud version to the vREST NG Application.

To do this, first you need to log into your vREST Cloud account on https://vrest.io

# Export data from vREST Cloud

  • Once you are logged into your vREST Cloud account, go into the Test Cases Tab of your desired project.
  • Click on Dropdown
  • Select Export all as JSON (A .json file will be downloaded)

# Import data into vREST NG

  • Once you have opened vREST NG, go into Test Cases Tab
  • Click on button as shown below in the top left side of the application in Test Cases tab.
  • A window will pop up as shown below. Select vREST Cloud for Import Source
  • Click on
  • Find and select the downloaded .json file.
  • Now click on

The data from vREST Cloud has been imported into vREST NG Application. You can run and see if all the test cases are working fine.