# Team Collaboration

This guide will provide you with information on how you may collaborate with other team members.

vREST NG stores all the test data in your local file system in a directory of your choice. For information on the directory structure of the vREST NG project, you may look at our guide on directory structure.

Now, you may apply any version control system like GIT on the vREST NG project directory and collaborate with other team members as you do for your source code.

Our recommendation on team collaboration is that you should maintain the vREST NG project directory in your source code repository so that your tests will remain in sync with your source code. Your own application source code can be written in any programming language or framework.

├─ src
│  ├─ ...
├─ test
│  ├─ api_tests_directory
│     ├─ (this is the vREST NG project directory where 
|        vREST NG will store API-related tests.)
├─ index.js
└─ package.json