# vREST NG Hooks Functionality


This feature is available as part of vREST NG Pro/Enterprise version.

Hooks provides the ability to integrate your eco-system tools with vREST NG. Whenever you execute the vREST NG tests, you may invoke REST API hooks to send information to your eco system tools based on the test result. Few points regarding this functionality:

  • Any third-party tool which provides REST APIs, can be easily integrated with vREST NG via hooks functionality.
  • Hooks receives data from test runs and test cases, which can be sent to third-party tools via REST APIs.

Few examples where hooks can be useful:

  • Logging bugs in any defect tracking tools (e.g. JIRA) for failed test cases
  • Updating execution status of the test case in any test case management tools (e.g. TestRail).
  • Notify your team members via messaging tools (e.g. Slack, Hipchat, etc.)
  • And many more ...

To learn more, read the following sections:

  1. Configuring Hooks
  2. Hook Types
  3. Custom Tool Integration
  4. Built-in Integrations