# vREST NG CLI Introduction

vREST NG CLI is a command line utility supported by us. This utility is helpful in performing following tasks:

  1. Executing vREST NG test cases via command line
    • Just install this utility
    • and start executing your API test cases on the command line.
  2. Integrate with any continuous integration servers
    • It can be integrated with any continuous integration server like Jenkins, TeamCity, Azure Devops, Bitbucket Pipelines, Circle CI etc.
  3. Scheduling vREST NG test cases
    • This utility can be used in any third party schedular like cron job, Microsoft Task Schedular.
    • So, you may easily execute your test cases on scheduled intervals.
  4. Optionally you may connect it to vREST NG Dashboard service to record the executed test runs and see various analytics.
  5. Import test cases via command line
    • It can even import/update your test cases from Swagger, and various other sources like Postman and vREST Cloud.
    • So your test case schemas remain in sync with your swagger definitions.