# Acquire License key for vREST NG Enterprise Application

To acquire the license key for vREST NG Enterprise Application, please follow the steps below:

  1. First, visit vREST NG Website - https://vrest.io(opens new window)
  2. Now, login with account for which you want to generate the license key.
    • Make sure, your adminstrator has created an instance on vREST NG Website.
    • And setup a team and added you as a team member in that instance.
    • If you are an administrator, please follow this guide on Setting up a Team.
  3. Visit the Licenses page(opens new window) .
  4. Now, click on button Generate vREST NG App License.
  5. Provide the system code which you have received during installation of vREST NG Enterprise Application to generate the license key.
  6. That's it.