# Bulk Operations


This feature is available as part of vREST NG Pro/Enterprise version.

Bulk Operations functionality allows you to update a large list of test cases/hooks in a single operation.

# Caution

Before performing the bulk operation, we recommend you take a backup or commit your project data. Because this operation updates several records at once. Any mistakes during this operation will result in a lot of effort.

# How to perform Bulk Operation

To perform the bulk operation, simply follow the steps below:

  1. First select the record(s) (either test cases or hooks) on which you want to perform the bulk operation. If you don't select any records then the bulk operation will be performed on all the records available.

  2. Now, click on the More Actions button labeled as ... in the left pane toolbar in the Test Cases / Hooks tab and then select Bulk Operation from the list of options as shown in the figure below.

  3. A dialog window will appear as shown in figure below.

  4. From this dialog window, select the desired operation say Set/unset Authorization and then provide the desired value for that field.

  5. Now, click on Submit to perform the bulk operation.

# Allowed Operations

As of now, we allow to perform the following operations:

  1. Change Request Method

    To update the request Method to a different value say POST of multiple tests/hooks.

  2. Set URL

    To update the API endpoint URL of multiple tests/hooks.

  3. Set Description

    To update the description field of multiple tests/hooks.

  4. Set Wait for seconds

    To update the Wait for Seconds field of multiple tests/hooks.

  5. Set/Unset Authorization

    To link/unlink the Authorization field of multiple tests/hooks.

  6. Set Condition

    To update the Condition field of multiple tests/hooks.

  7. Set Runnable Field

    To enable/disable multiple tests/hooks.

  8. Link Tags

    To link tags to multiple tests/hooks.

  9. Unlink Tags

    To unlink tags of multiple tests/hooks.

  10. Add/Update Request Header

    To add/update request headers of multiple tests/hooks.

  11. Remove Request Header(s)

    To remove request headers of multiple tests/hooks. *Just provide a comma *separated header names.

  12. Add Request Query Param

    To add a request query parameter to multiple tests/hooks.

  13. Remove Request Query Param(s)

    To remove the request query parameter(s) of multiple tests/hooks. Just provide comma-separated query parameter names.

  14. Add Request Form Param

    To add a request form parameter to multiple tests/hooks.

  15. Remove Request Form Param(s)

    To remove the request form parameter(s) of multiple tests/hooks. Just provide the comma-separated form parameter names.

  16. Add request validation assertion

    To add a request validation assertion in multiple tests/hooks. This assertion will be added only if it is not already there in the test case and the test case's Operation Id is not linked with the API specification operation.

  17. Add a variable in Variable Extractor

    To add a variable in the Variable Extractor section of multiple tests/hooks.

  18. Remove variable(s) from Variable Extractor

    To remove the variable(s) from the Variable Extractor section from multiple tests/hooks.

  19. Ignore dynamic JSON fields from Expected Body

    To ignore the dynamic JSON fields like createdOn, updatedOn, etc from the Expected Body field of multiple tests/hooks. The application will replace the values of these fields with {{*}} if found.

  20. Set Loop Source

    To update the Loop Source field of multiple tests/hooks.