# Meta data support


This feature is introduced in vREST NG v2.3.2.

Meta data support is added to store extra information for vREST entities. As of now, this feature is added for assertions only, but if you have a strong use case then please share with us. Upon request, we may extend this support to include other vREST entities as well.

# Meta data for assertions

Use case: You may use meta data for assertions to store the extra information about assertions. This information will be available in the custom validator/operator function using this.assertion and you may display this information in the assertion results by customising the assertion result summary templates.

Now, let's see how you may specifiy the meta data for assertions.

  1. In the Assertions tab of any test case, just click on last column with triple elipsis symbol to open the meta data dialog.
  1. In this dialog window, just specify any key/value pairs to store extra information about assertion as shown in figure below.