# Configuring multipart requests

To configure the multipart requests, simply open the Request > Body sub-tab of any test case/hook/template. And then select the request body type as Multipart Form Data as shown in figure below:

Now you may just click on Add button to add multiple form parameters including files as shown in figure below.

Now, let's understand the important points in filling the data above.

  1. If your form parameter is a file then make sure you're setting the File? column value as true for that particular form parameter.
  2. We recommend you to save all the files which you would like to send via your API tests in your vREST NG project directory. So that everybody with in your team can run the same tests without any issue.
    1. You may store all the files in a particular directory say files in your vREST NG project directory. Then your file path becomes {{$projectDir}}/files/FILE_NAME.EXT
  3. Although you may set absolute file path for a parameter as we have set for file2 in the above image. But it will create issues when you run this project on other team member's machine or in any CI/CD environment.

That's it.