# Digest Access Authentication


Digest access authentication support has been added in the vREST NG application from v2.3.1. This authentication support is in the beta stage.

Digest access authentication is one of the agreed-upon methods a web server can use to negotiate credentials, such as username or password, with a user's web client (browser).

In Digest access authentication, vREST simply asks for a username, password, and algorithm for making authenticated HTTP requests and the system will automatically try to obtain the digest authentication parameters such qop, realm, nonce, opaque by invoking the request without authorization header. After that vREST will compute the digest authorization for all the requests where this authorization is configured.

# How to use?

Let's take an example, how you can configure Digest Authentication for your test cases in vREST.

  1. First Configure an Authorization of type "Digest Authentication" like this
  1. Then use this configured authorization in your test cases like this