# Import Test Cases via command line

Import command is used in vrest-ng-cli binary to import test cases into vREST NG.

# Usage Instructions

vrest-ng-cli import --projectdir="<path_to_tc_directory>" 

# Example

vrest-ng-cli import --source="vrest-cloud"
            --defaulttestsuite=Sample\ Test\ Suite

# Options

    --help              Show help                     
    --source            Import Source [required]
                        [choices: "vrest-cloud", "swagger", "postman"]
    --sourcefile        Provide the source file path which you want to import.
    --projectdir        Provide the path of the project directory in which you want to
                        import/re-import the data. [required]
    --defaulttestsuite  Provide the default test suite name. [required]
    --updateonly        Set this option if you want to update the test data
                        instead of creating again. This option is applicable only
                        for the swagger source as of now. [default: false]